It is the beginning of a NEW ERA!

Have you ever had the feeling that something big is ahead? Like your life is about to take a big turn, for the better really?

Not sure exactly what it is! Maybe it is spring and the new things growing and popping up everywhere, maybe its a good attitude, but I do know that new beginnings are ahead!

new journeys

One thing I have found that has come up in my life recently is the idea of not being stressed. How stress is the gateway to doubt, fear, and a feeling like you are unworthy.

Oh my friend, you are not unworthy! You are capable of so much more that you cannot even imagine how each small step you make each day will add up to the most wonderous journey!

Then at any point you can look back and help someone else on their journey with your experience!

helping hands

I will be approaching my 40th birthday this year and see this more and more in my life. There are many who are where I was 10 years ago that need encouragement and guidance on how to navigate the way. This rings true especially in my lifestyle of eating and inner work.

I was once told that your mindset has a lot to do with your health!

I thought it was a bit of a mumbo jumbo of sorts, but I couldn’t see it at the time.

Now I do!

You can truly manifest what you want in your life! Positive outlooks, positive attitudes, and positive thoughts overall will garner the attention of positive events!

Since your thoughts can influence water, (see this article here for more) just imagine what your thoughts can do to your physical body!?

It is similar to the thought that what you concentrate on grows.

>Do you want to grow your negative thoughts? or Positive thoughts?<

So I began looking at myself objectively. What would I say to this woman before me in the mirror? Would I say those things to someone I love?

It went from, “No way would I say that to someone I love” to “I DO love this person, so I will say uplifting and encouraging things!”

It is working. I cannot explain to you how it is working other than my thoughts are clearer and I am finally feeling a weight lifted from my soul!

I want you to try something out as a baby step to loving yourself more, wherever in the journey of “being the best you” that you are at!

pencil and book

Get a piece of paper, or pull up the memo in your phone.

Number from 1 to 10 and start your list of “LOVE NOTES”.

You will think of someone you dearly love and start filling out 10 of your most favorite/loved qualities about this person.

After you are done, re-read it and apply it to yourself!

It may feel a little but funny at first, but soon it will feel comfortable.

Love the YOU that you are right now so that the YOU that is to emerge will have a positive place to dwell!

What are your thoughts about this way of thinking?

Have you ever made a list of your awesome qualities that you have forgotten?