Listen to your OWN body

So as most of you know I have been following the Keto/Low Carb way of eating for almost a year now. I love that I initially shed some extra pounds, but it is the same 10 lbs that I have lost and gained over, and over again! So it was not super strict, but definitely at 25 carbs per day or less.

I am great at sticking to a plan and getting on with my life, not letting it take me over. One thing I have had to learn as I get older is to listen to my body!

It is not as though it speaks to me in my ears and tells me what to do, it speaks in ways that I used to ignore!

It seems as though when a person chooses to eat low carb they must consider that the body will be going through some sort of changes that may result in a shock to the system! I myself experienced lots of hair loss/fall and brittle nails. I knew that this was part of it as I researched and found others had the same experience.

When Christmas came around I slowly started incorporating more carbs than is considered keto. What happened, my hair started growing back in and my nails started growing back without a problem!

Now don’t get me wrong, I did not start eating wheat as I am still 100% gluten free, but I did have oatmeal for breakfast one day of the week. I also found that a sweet potato was a good lunch idea topped with some protein. I still avoid corn, soy, wheat, and sugar, but I also incorporate more healthy carbs into my diet every once in a while.

So listen to your body and “see” what it is telling you as it may be shouting with symptoms, you just may not be “listening”!

Not every way of eating is a perfect fit for everyone at the particular place that they are at, at that particular moment. Make it work for you and gauge your energy levels.

-Is your skin changing, hair, immune system, etc?

Make the change and know that you are not failing at something because it is not LIKE others, you are just tailoring it so that it fits your needs!