New Events, Crystals, Recipes and Musings

I am a woman of many interests, talents and I always have so much going on!

I homeschool my two children, run a Low Carb Blog with my low carb recipes, create handmade Organic products from raw beeswax and herbs here, and lastly but not least, I sing to help reduce my stress!! It is hard to just do one thing as it is not very interesting to me to do so, so this blog was created so I could share them all with you!

My blog here and the posts I will create will touch on all, or some of these subjects I am a professional at! I will share with you my musings, new ideas and happenings going on in my life!

Just as I love getting to know the people who I follow and buy from, I thought that you may be the same too!

So currently I am working on creating new low carb recipes and integrating crystals into my new product line with HoneyBeeHolistics.

Last night I made some more of my 4 ingredient Chocolate Mousse with some mascarpone cheese I picked up from my recent shopping trip. This is the most decadent high fat treat ever, next to fat bombs!! After it sits in the refrigerator overnight it comes together in a consistency like frosting! I could see using it as a frosting on some keto cupcakes….


So this morning with my cup of earl grey, I snuck a spoonful!!

And speaking of crystals, I have been getting my ideas together on how to integrate crystals into my products. I have always known about the energetic power inside of the precious crystals, but only recently have been diving in deeper to connect them with my handmade products.


The first line of products will be my Crystal Creams. I have infused mountain spring water with rose quartz and clear quartz. I know rose quartz promotes love, but it also helps to smooth and soften skin! This will be perfect in my face creams. I also have purchased over 100 little shards of amethyst that will be going into my facial serums and facial toners. Not only will the oils that they are made with contain the energetic infusion, but they will also have a tiny shard that will be in the bottle the life of the product!


Speaking of music, yesterday I posted my cover of Imagine Dragons song “Radioactive”. It was different than your traditional cover as it was in a lullaby type of music. Slow with high pitched sounds like a lullaby, but a bit dark as it is about the apocalypse and the world going to pot.  I love singing different songs and different versions as it challenges me musically and allows for my own interpretation!



What are you working on? What new recipes do you want to see?

What are your experience with crystals?

Leave a comment below!

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